Americans could win the World Cup if

Americans could win the World Cup if

The Americans are in the round of 16 but no help from there coach Jurgen Klinsmann as his strategy and lack of awareness almost single handedly eliminated the Americans from the 2014 World Cup.


The U.S.A lost to Germany 1-0 and that score reflects nothing of the actual match that was played.  After 76 mins I personally would have kept a clean sheet from the United States as they only had 2 shots and none of them on goal.

I don’t understand the blueprint to beat Germany or Spain is out there and Jurgen Klinsmann did not use it at all and gave the United States no chance to win the match. It let the Americans fate solely ride on hope that Ghana didn’t beat Portugal.

To beat Germany you have to pressure the ball in the midfield and in the backfield, and not let Germany or Spain just dance around you all match.

If you put pressure on them, they are sustainable for errors and opportunities can be made for any team.  United States never pressured them and let Germany dance around them and for Germany they couldn’t lose this match.  It’s so frustrating to see the Americans who could honestly win this tournament, if they had better coaching and more help offensively, maybe someone like Landon Donovan!

The thing is Ghana should have won their match against Portugal, they scored on themselves and hand passed to Ronaldo for the second goal.  United States are so lucky that they are in this tournament.

United States Are Better than they Appear!

The Americans are a really good squad that don’t lose big, they have a great goalkeeper and are strong defensively.  If they pressured their opponents and didn’t have Bradley giving away the ball, they could beat any team in this tournament.  This isn’t wishful thinking, there just isn’t many amazing teams.  Costa Rica played aggressively and took the group, the Americans could have done the same.

The Americans despite playing so passively, and poorly against Germany only lost by a single goal and if they can smarten up and play like a team that wants to win and not keep it close they could keep going in this tournament.

I just think it could be too late because Jurgen Klinsmann is a loser and not helping the Americans win and doesn’t have the winning mentality required.  It showed when he was so happy shaking and hugging the German coach after the game, when his team lost.

Everyone thinks the big name countries are so good and talented, Germany hasn’t looked good, Italy, England, Portugal, Spain are all out already,  Brazil drew Mexico who finished 4th in the group where Americans won.

Get Aggressive and anything can happen for the Americans, stay passive and get ready to go back home.

USA All the Way
USA All the Way
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